Featured on Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana

From today, we are the first and only pizzeria in Malta’s history to be recognized and associated with the Neapolitan Pizza Association (Prestigiosissima Association regulating pizza world) with number 706 in the world. Here is what the association had to say about us:

“Sciantusi (Italian Food Lovers) is born from a dream, a dream of a Sicilian family with Naples in the heart, to carry the banner of Italian gastronomy and Campania high above all around the world, (by the end of 2018, there is a new opening in benidorm, Valencian community, Spain)

Coordinated and always followed by his father Gaetano, his sons Agostino Aleandro and Flavio, true pizza fans, have decided to begin this journey in Malta, a place where the real Neapolitan pizza was almost unknown.

Thanks to the two youngest members of the family, who took part in the AVPN training course (Aleandro even took part in the gluten free pizza course), it was possible to give life to the project.

Subsequently, thanks to the meetings with the pizza chef Verace Domenico Pangallo and the maestro Salvatore de Rinaldi, finally the Sciantusi family has been able to realize the dream of being the first and only AVPN certified pizzeria in the history of Malta!

A short note deserves the origin of the name “Sciantusi”, a family nickname that has always been inherited by his grandfather Agostino, known as “U SCIANTUSU” because of his elegance in any occasion, this nickname was then inherited by his sons and subsequently from the nephews.”